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  1. What is the minimum order?

    If you are ordering at one of our open house offerings or from a group having a showing, you may order any number of shirts you would like. 

    We currently do not sell individual shirts via our website, but we would be happy to help you set up a group order with your organization.  The minimum group order is 25 tees.

  2. Can I order a single tee?

    If you are ordering from a show or open house offering, then yes. Although we think you'll love them so much, one just won't be enough!

    We are currently offering our custom tees to groups or at shows, with a 25 shirt minimum order.  If we have a group sale in progress however, we will be happy to add your order to the group's.  Send us an email if you are interested! 

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Special Requests

  1. What is a sorority-specific pocket?

    In some cases, shirt color/pocket style combinations can be designed with a particular sorority in mind. 

  2. Can I request a special pocket design?

    There are a variety of factors involved in creating pocket designs, but in some cases orders of a custom pocket may be created.

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